Famous Irish Comedian

Famous Irish Comedian. Irish people have a high sense of humor. The jokes they bring always succeed in making people laugh. Not surprisingly, Ireland has many talented comedians whose sense of humor can make many people laugh. They are creative in creating something into a joke, not even everyone can think that way. Some comedians have been widely known by many for their humorous talents. The following are famous Irish comedians:

  1. Dara O’Briain

Famous Irish Comedian What You Need to Know About
Dara O’Briain

This comedian named Dara o ‘Briain. Dara o ‘Briain is well known as a talented television comedian and presenter. He became the famous comedy show host in Ireland, “The Pannel”. He also became the presenter of his own show, Mock of the Week, which was shown on British television. Apart from being a comedian he also tried to be a book writer one of which was “Tickling the English” and even a book for children with the title of the children’s book he first wrote was “Beyond the Sky.”

  1. Dylan William Moran

Famous Irish Comedian What You Need to Know About
Dylan William Moran

Someone who is very talented in almost every field in the world of entertainment ranging from comedians, actors, writers to filmmakers. He is a very talented Irish comedian. He once won his first award, “So You Think You’re Funny?” in 1992 at the Edinburgh Festival. He also starred in the Black Books television sitcom, where he also co-wrote. In addition, he also played a role as one of the main characters in the comedy film A Film with Me in It in 2008. And many more works produced by Dylan Moran.

  1. Jason Byrne

Famous Irish Comedian What You Need to Know About
Jason Byrne

It is one of the Irish comedians who is famous as Ireland and Irish comedy. He is more famous as a successful comedian and radio announcer. The interesting thing about Jason Byrne is that he can improvise on a live show without a script. In addition, he also always involved his audience to participate in the event. Previously he made a radio program that was broadcast in the morning on Phantom FM. Then he also did comedy The Byrne Ultimatum which is also called The Jason Byrne Show on BBC Radio for two years from 2010 to 2012.

  1. Neil Dalemere

Neil Dalemere is a comedian and also a radio announcer. He made his first debut at the Edinburgh Festival in 2004. He worked on RTE and BBC radios like the One Night Stand comedy series. Then he also has his own shows like “The Republic of Telly”. He has filled many events at the radio and he became one of the famous comedians in Ireland.

  1. David O’Doherty

He is a comedian who has been successful in starting his career until he managed to achieve his international career since his debut in 2008. Besides comedians, he has also been successful in other fields such as musicians, actors and authors. David O’Doherty is a famous comedian who managed to win various prestigious awards ranging from the if comedy award in 2008 and Best International Comedian in 2014. He also had time to write for newspapers and magazines and even wrote books such as a detective book titled The Bees of Manulla and 100 Facts about Pandas and also 100 Facts About Sharks. He is an Irish comedian who is quite successful in starting his career in the entertainment world. Famous irish comedian.

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