Dave Allen: A Comedy Genius of Ireland

Dave Allen: A Comedy Genius of Ireland

Dave Allen

In 2005, Ireland lost their best legendary comedian, Dave Allen. At the age of 68, he died in his sleep peacefully on Thursday at his house in West London. Allen is known for his trademark appearances on TV. Allen would sit on a bench with a glass of whiskey and a cigarette in his hand.

Although until the end of his life Allen was better known as a comedian genius, he actually started his career as a journalist like his father did. At that time, Allen joined Drogheda Argus as a copy boy. After that, he did several different jobs. In fact, Allen had time to sell toys at a shop in the Sheffield area.

Allen was born with the real name David Tynan O’Mahony. As for the story behind the name “Allen” which he chose as his stage name. The agent at Allen’s place asked to change his name, because they thought there would only be a few English people who could pronounce “O’Mahony”.

Allen’s career, which began in the world of journalism, was actually influenced a little by his father, Gerard “Cully” Tynan O’Mahony who was an editor for The Irish Times. He is also the nephew of a famous Irish writer named Katharine Tynan. But unfortunately, Allen’s father died when he was 12 years old. Because of this incident his mother decided to move the family to England.
Allen began his career in the entertainment world when he hosted the BBC New Faces show in 1960.

Then, his career as a host continued when he was trusted to host a pop music show featuring The Beatles. His career also experienced a significant increase, Allen then toured with Sophie Tucker to South Africa. Tucker at the time described Allen as one of the nicest artists she had worked with. At that time, Tucker suggested that he should try his luck at his career to Australia. Allen also made that suggestion. He then moved to Australia and worked on one of the tv shows there.

In 1968, he signed a contract with the BBC. This contract was related to the opening of his own show, The Dave Allen Show. This show is a comedy sketch that Allen starred in. From 1971 to 1979, Allen had his next tv show, Dave Allen at Large. This event can be said to be the pinnacle of its glory. At Dave Allen at Large, Allen cracked a joke of his own while sitting on a bench and carrying a drink. This later became the hallmark of Allen.

In 1990, Allen then decided to live a quiet life so he retired from the world of comedy. He lived in his house in Holland Park with his family. At that moment, he sharpened his painting skills. He filled a lot of free time painting. Dave was invited to be a speaker in several comedy dramas in 1994 that talked about quitting smoking. He also shared his career journey at The Unique Dave Allen in 1998, after previously in 1996 he received a lifetime achievement award at the British Comedy Awards.

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