5 Irish Jokes That Can Make You Laugh

5 Irish Jokes That Can Make You Laugh

5 Irish Jokes That

5 Irish Jokes That Can Make You Laugh. Lots of Irish jokes can make people laugh and make them remind of their home. So, if you miss your hokiboy home and want to know some Irish jokes, here are 5 Irish jokes that can make you laugh out loud.

The Priest

This joke is about an Irish priest who drives along the country road. Then, there is a policeman who pulls him over. The policeman smells alcohol on his breath and realizes that there is an empty wine bottle in the priest’s car.

The policeman asks whether the priest has been drinking or not. The priest answers that he just drinks water. Then, the policeman asks back why he smells a wine. The priest then looks at the bottle, then says ‘He’s done it again! Good Lord!’.

The Car Park

An Irish joke called ‘The car park’ is about an Irishman who is struggling to find an empty parking space. Then, he starts to pray to God and asks to open up space for him. He further says that he will go to mass every Sunday and give up Guinness if God gives him a space.

Suddenly, the sky opens up and the sun shines on an empty parking space. But, the Irishman then says ‘Never mind, I found one’.

One Last Shot

Jack goes to a bar and he orders one Guinness and seven shots of tequila. Then, the barman starts to line up the shots and he goes to get the Guinness. However, when he gets back, all of the shots are gone.

Then, the barman exclaims to Jack that he drank so fast. Jack replies that the barman also can drink fast also if he had what jack has. The barman then asks Jack what does jack has. Jack then reaches his pocket and shows that he has fifty cents!

Three Brothers

There is an Irishman in an American bar. He orders three whiskeys. Then, the barman asks him if he wants to put the three shots in one glass or not. The Irishman then replies that he does not what it. It is because he has brothers, so he always orders shots for both of them when he comes to a bar. The barman then understood that.

However, in the next week, the Irishman only orders 2 whiskeys. Then, the barman asks him if there is something happen to his brothers. The Irishman replies calmly that there is no something happen to his brothers, but it is because he quits drinking.

Visiting The Doctor

Another Irish joke is called ‘Visiting the Doctor’. A doctor tells his patient that there is bad and worse news for him. The patient asks for the bad news first. The doctor answers that the bad news is that the patient only has 24 hours to live.

The patient then exclaims that the news is very terrible, but he asks again what the worse news is. The doctor then says that the worse this is he have been trying to contact the patient since yesterday.

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