5 Interesting Things in Ireland You Need to Know

5 Interesting Things in Ireland You Need to Know. If you want to visit the European region with stunning natural scenery tourist destinations as well as various historical relics that are still maintained and maintained until now, then Ireland you need to enter into the list of countries that you should visit later.

Before you decide to visit Ireland, you should know some interesting things about it. That way, you will get to know Ireland more deeply as a country that you will visit later.

Is Part of the United Kingdom

5 Interesting Things in Ireland You Need to Know
5 Interesting Things in Ireland You Need to Know

Once upon a time, Ireland was included in the government of the United Kingdom. However, in 1949, Ireland officially separated and formed its independent state. Therefore, Ireland is currently divided into regions.

Northern Ireland is a region that is still part of the United Kingdom. Therefore, all international government affairs will be transferred to London. Whereas in the south, it is an area of the Republic of Ireland that has freed itself from the United Kingdom. The capital of this country is Dublin, which is also the seat of the government of this country.

The Richest Country in the World

5 Interesting Things in Ireland You Need to Know

Even though the conditions of the country are not so extensive, the fact is that Ireland is one of the richest countries in the world today. According to reports, in 2019 yesterday Ireland occupied the fourth position as the richest country in the world, where the first position itself was occupied by Luxembourg, which is also located in western Europe.

Have So Many Castles

5 Interesting Things in Ireland You Need to Know
5 Interesting Things in Ireland You Need to Know

Castles in large numbers in Ireland are a historical legacy during the war in this country. When you visit here, then you will be able to easily find a variety of good castles that are still intact even though not as a whole and also the rest of the castle that had collapsed when the war first.

Even though it is old enough, this castle still looks well-groomed because the community and the tour manager also perform maintenance and restoration on this castle as an object of tourism that will be visited by tourists who come to Ireland.

Irish Flag

The Irish flag has its meaning from the colors used. When in ancient times, in Ireland there was a religious conflict that was quite terrible and became one of the dark histories between Protestants and Catholics.

The color combination of green, white, and orange symbolizes the identity of the Protestants, Catholics, and also the peace of these two religious groups in Ireland.

Folklore About Clurichaun

In developed countries like Ireland, there is still folklore that is still known by residents. The story is about a dwarf named Clurichaun. The dwarves have a hobby where they like to drink at night with their friends. When they are drunk, they often do silly things with farm animals.

Even so, this Clurichaun does not disturb the farmers. There is a belief that if the farmers take good action on them. They will also be kind to the farmer as they take care of the farmer’s livestock. But if they do evil deeds to them, they will also respond by damaging the farm or farmer’s farm later.

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